Who is speaking for small business?

Minnesota small businesses are as diverse as the people of our state. And yet, just a couple of business organizations — dominated by large corporations — presume to speak for all small business owners.

It‘s time that small business owners and self-employed people had an advocate who truly speaks for their real interests and values. That advocate is now Small Business Minnesota.

Small Business Minnesota is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide association that promotes its members’ interests by advocating for the real needs and priorities of small businesses, and by providing opportunities for networking and mutual support.

Together we are working to influence policy and public opinion. We are educating the media and state legislators about the real needs of small business. We are supporting policies that will promote our values, and activating a diverse group of self-employed persons and small business owners statewide for our mutual benefit and the benefit of our communities.

There are more than 200,000 small businesses in Minnesota that share the Small Business Minnesota values and priorities. These business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed people know, from personal experience, that supporting policies that are good for the future of Minnesota and our quality of life is also good for small business.

Join us as we change the business conversation in the Capitol and the media, and help us make Minnesota better.

Learn how you can become involved and help small businesses in Minnesota.

Email: info@smallbusinessMN.org | www.smallbusinessMN.org


Download the Small Business MN Profile PDF file

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