2012 SBM Report Card & 2013 Goals

2012 Report Card of Accomplishments

Goal: Strengthen SBM’s capacity to assess, educate and influence on key policy issues affecting Minnesota small businesses

1) Brought on new president Kelly Guncheon, with significant experience building representative associations.
2) Substantially increased the bench strength of the organization and board – bringing on people with the skills needed to organize and deliver our key benefits to members.
3) Formed the Small Business Minnesota Political Action Committee
4) Completed the SBM plan for 2013.

Deliver education to members on key issues affecting Minnesota Small Businesses

1) Member Event featuring Shawn Otto, author of Fool Me Twice: Fighting the Assault on Science in America. This presentation showed the systematic, purposeful attack on science by powerful political groups, impacting education, the ability of legislators to effectively address major issues, and contributing to gridlock in economic development and legislative effectiveness.
2) Position Paper and Member Event on the #1 issue for Small Business Mn Members: The Affordable Care Act and Its Impact on Small Business. Board member Clark Dircz led the effort to research this complex topic. This resulted in compelling findings that the Affordable Care Act will have a very significant and positive impact on small business owners. A member event was delivered with a very robust panel discussion, including Clark Dircz as advocate of the SBM position, Kip Sullivan, expert on healthcare reform and author of Health Care Mess, and Manny Munson-Regala, Deputy Exchange Director, Mn Department of Commerce.
3) Position Paper on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment and its negative impact on the availability of talent for small businesses.

Goal: Advocate for the real needs of small businesses.

1) Completed member survey ranking issues most important to our members.
2) Endorsed 32 pro small business candidates for the Mn Senate and House, of whom 53% were elected.
3) First independent expenditure against an incumbent House member who actively advocates policies which work against the needs of small business. We are disappointed the candidate we supported did not win, but encouraged as the candidate performed far better than any other challenger to this incumbent – closing a 2010 gap of 16% to just 2% in 2012.
4) Established relationship with and have become a resource on small business policy development.

  • Governor Dayton’s Office
  • Senator Al Franken’s Office
  • Commerce Department – Healthcare Exchange Office
  • 34 pro-small business legislators in the Mn House and Senate.
  • Star Tribune

5) Continued to strengthen alliances, especially in the area of researching and advocating for tax policies that support small businesses.

Goal: Provide opportunities for members and prospective members to connect.

1) 2 major events
2) Several informal small networking events

Continuing Mission: To be the RATIONAL VOICE for the REAL INTERESTS of small businesses in Minnesota. We will provide education and advocacy for our member’s interests based on reliable, impartial facts and data.

Summary of Small Business Minnesota’s 2013 Goals

1) Increase membership 150%
2) Complete annual survey of issues most important to members.
3) Six position papers – advocate for each with legislators and achieve coverage in major and other news outlets.

  • Tax policy
  • Net neutrality
  • Small business financing
  • Tax policy legislative evaluation
  • 2013 Legislation – Summary: impact on small business
  • Healthcare 2.0

4) Five events – educate members and create a community of small business owners

  • Two small business community-building events
    Three member policy education events
  • Small business financing
  • Legislative wrap-up – implications for small businesses
  • Healthcare 2.0

5) Increase organizational capability to deliver member benefits

  • Add six board members
  • Establish alliances that can provide research and policy resources
  • Research potential for grants that can fund developing capability until membership reaches self-sustaining financial level.

Small Business Mn is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, statewide association representing and advocating for the needs of businesses with 100 or fewer employees.
To learn more go to www.SmallBusinessMn.org