Basic Networking: The Fundamentals of Building Your Network

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Ask yourself this question: Do you want to call people or have them call you?

Featuring Speaker: Ron Wacks
Tuesday Feb. 21st, 2012 7:00-8:45 PM
@ Dunwoody College of Technology

Admission: FREE for IN Members, $15 fee for Visitors (cash or check)

You’ve heard it many times: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. And frankly they’re
right. A well-developed and eectively used network is critical to the success of any business,
organization or endeavor. This session is specically designed for inventors/innovators and
resource providers who have a modest understanding and practice of Networking.
You’ll learn how to cultivate and develop longer-term relationships; how to climb the “Networking
Ladder”; what are strategic partnerships; being memorable; and why pulling a rabbit out of a hat
helps you monetize. You will also learn the critical importance of:

• What is Networking and what it is not
• How to practice the Networking basics and create good impressions
• How to become “well connected” rather than just knowing lots of people
• Where to find the animals every time and why that’s crucial to you and those you serve
• How to “pull a rabbit out of a hat” and why problem solving is critical to effective Networking
• Why resourcefulness and creativity are crucial to Networking…and being memorable
• Specific Networking elements relevant to inventors and innovators
• How to network your network (and not just yourself)
• How the fur trappers of 1750 are relevant to the modern professional and to effective Networking

Of all the tactics and strategies one can learn to improve a business or organization, learn why
Networking is the most important skill to develop…and why it’s the most important thing you’ll do
every day other than getting up in the morning.

Personal contact:
Ron P. Wacks, CEO, Microbusiness Strategies
Author, Instructor “Power Networking: How to Solve any Problem by Connecting with the Right Person” 612-922-6000 • •
Director International US-China Conference • International Chapter Expansion
US-China Business Connections (UCBC) • 612-961-6002 •

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