Small Business Minnesota Warriors Awards

We present these awards to business owners who care enough about the real needs of small businesses to get involved and speak out,” said Kelly Guncheon, Small Business Minnesota president. “Our members understand all too well the reality that sometimes policies that favor large corporations may actually hurt small businesses. One size fits all policies can be short sighted.”


Awards went to Audrey Britton and Todd Mikkelson. Britton owns Britton Communications, a business communications strategy group based in Plymouth, Minn. Mikkelson owns The RM Group, a company based on Lake Minnetonka, Minn., that provides investigative water penetration and air infiltration testing equipment and services.

Minnesota has more Fortune 500s per capita than any other state.i While we want to remain welcoming to our large companies, we need to be more upfront about the real needs of businesses both large and small,” said Britton whose clients include small businesses owners to Fortune 500 leaders. “Clients tell me they need an educated workforce, affordable healthcare, good transportation and new to the list is a stable government.”

Guncheon added that some companies may “take the money and run” but responsible businesses position themselves for long-term growth which means sustainability through education, infrastructure, healthcare and environmental protections.

I know firsthand the needs of small businesses,” said Mikkelson whose customers span the globe. “Things that would truly help small businesses in Minnesota are not being addressed by the current legislature. If we get true small businesses moving again, we’ll get this whole economy moving again.”

Guncheon also explained that more people are employed by small businesses than all the Fortune 500s combined making small businesses a key driver to a healthy economy. In turn, most small businesses rely on a healthy middle class to create demand for the goods and services the provide.


About Small Business Minnesota: SBM represents the interests of small businesses by promoting strong local economies that stimulate demand for small business products and services to create more jobs, policies that help small businesses grow and thrive, smart investments in education, healthcare, the environment and infrastructure; fair taxes that strengthen the middle class that drives the economy and increases demand for small business goods and services; efficient and effective government. More information on SBM can be found at




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