MNsure releases rates for small businesses and individuals

MNsure rolled out an early look at health insurance rates Friday, Sept. 6. For individuals and oneperson businesses, rates range from free to about $700 a month. These rates are the lowest in the nation. The small business rates are not quite as impressive unless you’re a one-person shop or your business qualifies for tax credits. Things to keep in mind: all employees can receive coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions. As most businesses do today, under MNsure employers can share the cost of insurance with employees. Currently, MNsure is geared toward small businesses with 2-50 employees.

This is a preview of average rates; the online navigator which is not yet available, will let small business owners and their employees more easily compare insurance plans. Open enrollment begins Oct. 1 and goes through March 2014.

Small Business Minnesota is hosting events for small business owners with MNsure and related departments. One event is already scheduled Sept. 30. Click here for more information. Additional events will be scheduled soon.

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