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Your membership matters. When Small Business Minnesota goes to bat for you, the first question we’re asked is, “How many members do you have?” The more members, the stronger our community and the stronger our voice. Please join or renew today.

More than likely, you’re already benefiting from public advocacy work done by Small Business Minnesota.  If you accept credit cards, your swipe fees have been lowered. We worked to repeal most proposed business-to-business sales taxes and will work to repeal the remaining few. We worked to ensure you would not pay a marketing fee for the health insurance exchange. Become a sustaining member for just $6.50 a month.  Please join or renew today.

As a small business owner, you gained representation on the health insurance oversight board. As legislators spend billions on big business, we educated them with some shocking news: small businesses are collectively Minnesota’s largest employer; nationally, small businesses contribute 50 percent of the GDP. And that 99 percent of businesses in Minnesota have less than 100 employees yet 99 percent of business-related public policy centers on big business.

We advocated ensuring small businesses have a ready workforce by funding education, lowering college tuition, and closing the employment and educational achievement gaps. We’re also working to bring Minnesota’s transit/transportation system on par with the rest of the nation so employees can get to work and goods can get to market.

Other member benefits: With your membership, we’ll be able to provide more educational forums and networking events. Maybe you, along with hundreds of others, attended our yearend event with Thompson Hall. Maybe you benefited from the many MNsure events with expert speakers. Perhaps you enjoyed the event with Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. More events are in the works but we can only bring them to you with your membership.

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