Are your employees and products stuck in a Minnesota pothole?

If you want your employees to get to work and your goods to get to market in a safe, efficient manner, join Move MN to support all modes of transportation: road, bus, rail, paths.  As you may know, Small Business Minnesota is a member of Move MN, a diverse statewide campaign to fix the state’s transportation system. However, you and/or your business can join at no cost. Find more information at Join here

“The state House and Senate Transportation Committees have started the conversation of fixing Minnesota’s urgent transportation needs through a long-term, sustainable, dedicated funding for all modes of transportation,” said Darin Broton, MoveMN chair. “The conversation shouldn’t end because some legislative leaders think transportation funding is too hard to solve in an election year. The legislative session ends May 19 and there is plenty of time to make transportation a priority.”

Legislators have heard from some members in the business community that transportation funding is not important this year. If transportation is important to you, your employees, and your business, help make small-business voices like yours heard and email your legislator today.