Transportation for small business won’t work with budget gimmicks

Write or call your legislators today! 

Small Business Minnesota has been a longtime supporter of properly funding transportation to get small business goods to market, customers to our doors and our employees to work. However, after a decade of neglect, unmet needs have piled up calling for an unprecedented amount of funding.

To fund transportation/transit, the House recommends an inadequate amount and borrowing. Small Business Minnesota has been highly critical of past budgets that used accounting gimmicks, shifts and uncontrolled borrowing to create an allusion of a balanced budget.

Call or write to your legislature and ask that they 1) support transportation to get our goods to market, customers to our doors and employees to work, and 2) to provide adequate funding that doesn’t involve unsustainable borrowing into the future. Find your House rep and your senator. Write to House and Senate transportation committees members.

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