Transportation: Small businesses need adequate, long-term, gimmick-free funding

Small Business Minnesota has been a longtime supporter of properly funding transportation to get small business goods to market, customers to our doors and our employees to work. The House and Senate bills are in conference committee and are miles apart.

Write to House and Senate transportation committees members. Tell them that Minnesota’s 500,000 small businesses and the 1.2 million Minnesotans we employ need adequate, long-term, gimmick-free funding for transportation/transit.

Some key concerns:

1) The House recommends funding that is short-term, inadequate and relies on uncontrolled borrowing.
2) Without long-term guaranteed funding, Minnesota’s bridges – state and local – will continue to rapidly deteriorate and put our state’s economy at risk. Minnesota has 830 bridges currently listed as structurally deficient.  In the next 10 years, another 4,000 bridges will be nearing its lifespan. Some bridges are already closed due to safety concerns.
3) We are losing employees to other states who seek a reliable, robust public transit system. Younger people don’t want to drive when they can ride.

Write or call your legislators today!

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