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CNBC ranks Minnesota No.1 for Business

“Leave it to the North Star State to chart a new course to competitiveness.”

CNBC analysis ranked Minnesota the top state for business in the country. The number one slot was achieved by taking a different route from the previous eight winners.

“Rather than just seeking the lowest taxes or the highest incentives, companies are increasingly chasing the largest supply of skilled, qualified workers.”  Read the entire article.

Small Business Minnesota 2015 Legislative Wrap Up

The state legislative sessions have ended for 2015. Time ran out for many bills and the regular session ended in a flurry of activity and angst. The governor vetoed three major bills and a one-day special session was called. The public including groups like Small Business Minnesota, the media and almost all legislators, were barred from participating in or observing the special session. In the end, a surprising number of provisions were added to bills that had not been vetted and previous agreements were altered or eliminated.  Read small-business legislative wrap up.

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Small Business Minnesota responds: Legislative session not kind to small business

Small Business Minnesota responded to a Star Tribune article about the recently concluded legislative session. “That article, like the session, largely ignored small business, even though 98 percent of Minnesota businesses are small and employ [almost half] of our workforce.”. Read the article.

Renewable energy grants available for Greater Minnesota small businesses

A new program administered through the USDA with assistance from the Minnesota Clean Energy Resource Teams helps small businesses in Greater Minnesota find and apply for grants to switch to less expensive, more earth-friendly renewable energy. Grants cover up to 25 percent of the installation costs and loans cover up to 75 percent of the cost.

Applications for the first round of grants are due June 30. For more information, visit or call Fritz Ebinger at (612) 626-1028.    Related article.

Legislators supporting predatory lending that target small businesses

Having tapped the individual market, predatory lenders are now targeting small businesses. Small business owners often have difficultly accessing capital. This makes them particularly vulnerable to predatory lenders. Minnesota has some of the weakest predatory lending regulations in the nation. In the past and current sessions, legislators in both the House and Senate are siding with powerful lobbyists instead of small businesses. Contact your House representative and your Senator and ask that they pass the predatory lender bill.