Small business public policy meeting Oct. 13, 7-9 p.m. with call-in option

Small Business Minnesota will hold a public policy meeting to discuss issues facing small businesses in Minnesota, review ongoing and upcoming efforts, and to hear your ideas and concerns. All are welcome.

Tuesday, Oct. 13, 7-9 p.m.

Southdale Hennepin County library, Helen Young room,
7001 York Ave S, Edina, MN 55435

CALL IN:  (661) 673-8600
Participant Access Code: 708970#

Small Business Minnesota has been a leading voice in public policy for Minnesota’s small businesses. Over the years we have worked on:

State level         

Minnesota’s health insurance exchange. Changed bill to better serve small businesses. Submitted comments to the Dept. of Commerce opposing premium increases, more work to be done.

Internet access for greater Minnesota. Program became law, additional funding needed

Crowdfunding for small businesses. MNVest program became law

Crowdfunding rules. Obtained commitment from MN Dept of Commerce to develop rules to enact law

Predatory lender rules. Predatory lenders are targeting small businesses. Minneosta has some of hte weakest laws in the nation. A bill has come to passing several times, work in progress.

Tax policy for small businesses. SBM has worked and continues to work on many areas including simplification, fairness, TIFs, extender/expenditures, etc.

Transportation to get our goods to market, customers to our doors, employees to work

Support small-businesses in agriculture, i.e., honey, wild rice, etc. Need to undo the harm caused in 2015, work in progress.

Education for a ready workforce.

Property tax relief for small businesses. Bill passed 2014.

401K plans for small businesses. Bill being introduced.

Minimum wage. Small Business Minnesota changed bill to better address small-business concerns

Business-to-business services tax, repealed.

New B-corp status.

Federal level

Net neutrality. Achieved equal access to the Internet for all small businesses.

Export-Import bank. Ongoing support of this a self-sustaining banking system for small business loans for the purpose of exporting

Patent reform, protect small businesses from frivolous lawsuits

Overturn Citizens United, gives big business and unfair advantage over small businesses in the public policy arena.

MyRA, a federally-backed savings plan

Tax fairness for small businesses. Due in part to Small Business Minnesota’s efforts, some in the Minnesota delegation voted against the federal extenders.


Audrey Britton
Small Business Minnesota
Public and government relations director
Office (763) 280-1216    Direct dial (612) 807-0311
PO Box 46265 Plymouth MN 55446

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