SBM endorses David Glass for St. Paul Ward 5

Small Business Minnesota has endorsed David Glass for St. Paul City Council Ward 5. Glass is a lifelong St. Paul resident and first-time council candidate. Small Business Minnesota is a nonprofit, nonpartisan statewide association of small business owners and supporters.

“We haven’t endorsed in a city council race previously but were very impressed with David Glass’ business acumen and are confident he will bring a much-needed firsthand business perspective into public policy,” said Audrey Britton, Small Business Minnesota public policy chair.

Glass’ business experience includes management roles at 3M prior to his success as small business owner for 18 years. Glass has been involved in the St. Paul community for many years including serving on the North End Area Redevelopment CDC / SPARC CDC and other efforts supporting entrepreneurs and women/minority-owned businesses.

Glass shares many of Small Business Minnesota’s concerns: Tax Increment Financing and other tax programs that tend to favor big businesses often at the exclusion of small businesses; government contracts that award only a fraction of overall project costs to small businesses even though 98 percent of businesses in Minnesota are small and employ half of Minnesota’s workforce; wise investments of tax dollars with a ROI analysis.

“When tax dollars are not spent wisely and when big-businesses receive an abundance of tax preferences, small businesses pay more,” said Britton.