Health insurance update for small businesses

Tax credits: Do you or your employees qualify for health premium tax credits? This chart shows, at a glance, that most small business owners and/or their employees qualify for tax credits. Take a look.

Open enrollment: Many, if not most, small businesses with employees can enroll in health insurance at any time during the year. However for individuals interested in health insurance plans through MNsure, open enrollment begins Nov. 1, 2015 and ends Jan. 31, 2016. Check out MNsure and/or work with a broker to shop for plans. Not all brokers are familiar with tax credits and other assistance. Be sure to see this chart to check it out for yourself.

Policy: Small Business Minnesota continues to meet with the governor’s office, state legislators, commissioners, congressional staff and elected officials, reporters…anyone who will listen about small business owners’ need for affordable healthcare. We spoke with and submitted footnoted comments to the Depart of Commerce strongly opposing insurance rate hikes on small business owners.