Small Business Minnesota back from summer recess

Small Business Minnesota is back from summer recess. We are currently endorsing candidates running for office and taking a look at next session’s small-business public policy concerns. Those seeking endorsement or if you have a public policy concern, email

You need us and we need you:

While most everyone focuses on big-business policy, we are taking a seat at the small-business public policy table. However, our success has been due to the coordinated efforts of volunteers giving 2 or more hours each month. We need you. Please send a note to expressing your interest.

Who we are:

We are an effective, hands on, nonprofit association focusing solely on public policy that affects small businesses. On occasion we host events featuring a legislator or an expert on policy, produce a newsletter and public policy update, and we provide small-business legislative wrap ups.

Who we are and who we are NOT

We are small business association, NOT a so-called “independent business association.” Some of the largest businesses in the world are “independent.” In fact, more than 98 percent of all businesses are “independent.” It makes sense that almost no organizations consist of incorporated businesses only. And, in our experience, whenever there is room for big business, the attention goes to them. In fact, many organizations claim to be small business organizations but push a big-business agenda.

We focus ONLY on the needs of small business. Period.

Plenty of organizations are made up of small business owners who focus on social issues.

We also focus ONLY on public policy issues. Period.