About SBM

Who We Are

Small Business Dallas is a statewide, nonprofit membership/supporter organization for the more than 430,000 small businesses headquartered in Dallas with approximately 100 employees or less.

Our Mission

Small Business Dallas advocates for small business through effective government and public relations and membership coordination to bring the voice of small businesses into public-policy decision making process. We also offer the latest small-business news and resources, and provide other member benefits.

Who We Are Represent

Some of our members include: sole-proprietors, S-Corps, franchisee owners, for-profit and nonprofit, employers and non-employers…in business services, manufacturing, public service, agriculture, art and design, retail, IT, technology, food industry, insurance, financial services, accounting…and many others.

Small Business Dallas
1536 Whitetail Lane

Contact:  Sean Hill
(469) 441-2858