Success, But More Work to be Done

Legislative Update

Governor Removes B2B Tax

The Governor announced this morning that he will remove the business-to-business services tax -Small Business Minnesota has been actively advocating for this at the Capitol and with the Governor.

Thank you to those who contacted legislators, testified and wrote to the Governor. Together we made a difference!

Senate Passes Health Insurance Exchange Bill

Last night the Senate passed its version of the healthcare Exchange bill. Our work is not done. The bill now moves to conference committee and what happens there is vital.

We need a strong active purchaser and conflict of interest provisions. Both are threatened.

Contact your legislator: Choose “member information” to find your legislator. Also write to the Governor, Speaker and Senate Majority Leader.

Sample Letter

Minnesota Small Businesses Deserve A Strong Health Insurance Exchange

I am a small business owner in need of affordable health insurance.  Even though small businesses are Minnesota’s largest employer, as individuals we do not have the large number of employees under one roof that gives us bargaining power or the ability to self-insure – the ways large businesses have significantly lowered costs.

I’m sure you can understand that the ability to offer health insurance benefits plays a significant factor in being able to attract and retain talent; it can make the difference between keeping my business open and closing my doors. More than anything, I care about the health of my employees and need insurance for my family, as well.

  • The conference committee must keep a strong active purchaser in place. It cannot be diluted in anyway.
  • The conference committee must maintain strong conflict of interest rules. The board can tap into expertise without allowing those who benefit financially from the exchange to serve on the board.
  • The conference committee must keep the costs with the industry that will gain profits, not burden the taxpayer.

Small business owners have been at the Capitol testifying for a strong active purchaser, retaining conflict of interest rules and properly funding Minnesota’s exchange. We have not heard from any small business owners outside the insurance industry who oppose this stand.

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Together we are making a difference!

Audrey Britton
Public Affairs Director
Small Business Minnesota


Small Business Minnesota is a nonprofit, nonpartisan volunteer organization advocating for the real needs of small business owners in Minnesota.