SBM Membership and Renewals

Membership Committee Info to be found below (you can click these to get there fast):

  1. State of databank renewal data and issues thereof
  2. How payments are handled
  3. Signing up new members online
  4. Member renewal process
  5. Member self-renewal via renewal e-mail
  6. How to renew members in Databank

State of Databank Renewal Data and Issues:


The Databank is our master database of member information. For it to be useful we need to keep all our data there and make sure it is accurate. It is now as accurate as Dee and I can make it but here are some holes and inaccuracies leftover from the paper forms. Any missing data will need to come from members correcting the member form as they self-renew or Membership Committee members correcting it as they have the member on the phone.

  • Has everyone paid dues? Some people filled out the paper form long ago but there is no indication that they paid (we believe all did) or how much they paid (we used to have four membership levels). They are listed as members with no contribution.
  • When did they pay? Dee and I have exhausted all methods of determining renewal dates for members who had no payment recorded. This left 20 or so people from 2011 without any known signup date. All of these now show 1/1/2013 for a renewal date. You may find a small number of newer members who may tell you they signed up in the last 6-8 months. In this case please let me know what date they claim and I’ll enter the corrected date in the database (or you can do it during online renewal).
  • How much did they pay? Almost everyone will be 75 bucks but I know Roman joined at a higher level and my guess is Clark did too. FYI, we currently have only two levels: $75 (owners) and 100 (non owners). We had other levels in the past so some folks may mention a $50, $150 or $500 payment.
  • You may have to ask the member for the missing information.

Going forward, member information and payments should ideally go through the databank so we capture all the info. If you sign up a member, say at a party, and take a check (or a Square Payment) -i.e. outside of Databank- then that payment data and the member questionnaire MUST get to Dee.

E-mail notifications of all new memberships and renewals are automatically sent to  Any e-mail that comes to that address then forwards on to Sheryl, Craig, Noel, Geo, Dee and Mark Gleason. Mark also gets all the Vanco payment processing reports.

I’ve deleted the auto renew options from the member and renew forms. All three people who signed up that way forgot they did. One was OK, one was a little miffed, one was pissed.

How payments are handled

Payments made through databank during new member signups or renewals are queued in Databank for our approval before they are processed:



(Click the image to see it bigger) They’re queued so we can verify that the payment is crediting to the right member record. We then click “post” for each payment and then process payments to Vanco. Sheryl, Craig, Noel, Dee, Geo and Mark get payment notices from Vanco automatically.

Signing Up New Members Online

Go to the SBM Website signup page and click this:


(you can click on this image now)

Follow directions for signup. (Much will be the same as described below in self -renewal.)

Member Self Renewal (via renewal e-mail)

Here we’ll look at how a member self-renews.

With Databank’s help I’ve created a Renewal e-mail  that addresses each member by name and provides a link to renew:




Clicking the link takes them to our website where they choose a membership and payment option:


(The automatics are gone now) Clicking “Continue” brings them here, where the member will see some of their member data:


Click “Same Person” and members can edit their own member information:


(Note the addition of “How did you hear about SBM” at the end per Danie’s request.

Click Continue and it handles the payment transaction:


E-mail notifications of renewals are automatically sent to info@smallbusinessMN (which redirects to Kelly‘s personal e-mail) and (which redirects to Sheryl‘s).

Note, if they pay by check, Databank notes that, but the membership committee should verify that the check actually arrives.

Renewing Members From Within Databank

Call Geo or Sheryl for the Databank Login and password

1. Use a Search to select the member record(s) that you want to edit:

(Choose EZ query from the Search dropdown menu)

Enter Name, click Find.

2. In the Search Results screen that displays, click in the Contributions column:

A screen containing detailed information about the constituent is displayed:

3. In the Contribution History section of the screen (see above image -lower right), click the Add New Payment icon. This brings up our regular member signup form. In the Personal Information section, you can update contact information if necessary.

5. Below Personal Information -on the same screen- scroll down to the Payment Information section

  • Select a Contribution Type (pick Renewal),
  • Select Payment Type -the fields in the Pay By area below will change to ask for appropriate info for credit card, ACH, check or cash.
  • Enter Contribution Date (you can leave today’s date in there -it won’t change the renewal date).
  • Choose a Campaign (pick memb membership) and Keycode = Regular for $75 owner memberships and Associate for $100 non biz owner memberships (ignore the “memb membership” keycode).
  • In the Amount section, fill in payment info. Make sure you do not choose “open ended”. That’s for automatic renewals or ongoing monthly payments.
  • In the Pay By section: for credit card payments, enter the card type, card number, card expiration (mmyy -with or without the “/”), and the name on the credit card. The name should be the name of the cardholder! If the card has a different billing address than the member record please get that address info to Geo or Dee so we can process the payment.
  • For other payments (ACH, Check, Cash) it will ask you for appropriate information.
  • Leave the Status section blank
  • Click Submit.

Not much will happen here, you’ll just be dumped back in the member record -i.e. Databank gives you no dialog that it accepted the payment. Though it should now be shown under contributions. Do not re-enter the data thinking it didn’t take -it did!